My Cactus Family

jacquelin | 07.24.2017

I’ve been obsessing over cacti for a while now. I love how bold, beautiful, and tough they are. They’re so appreciative too. I had bought two cacti on my last trip to Colombia and left them here on the farm while we went back to Florida to pack our things. When we got back, a little over a month later, one of my cacti was bent over. I wasn’t sure if it was dying so I went online and did a little research. I was able to rule out that it was dying because it was not discolored or mushy, which would’ve indicate rotting. I learned that cacti bend towards the sun, which is why it’s best for them to receive direct sunlight evenly on all sides. If you’re keeping your cactus on a window sill, make sure you rotate the plant every few days.

I moved my cactus away from the window and to a location where the sun could hit all sides. Just one day after the move, my cactus was already straightening up.

Now that my cactus was doing much better, it was time to add more to the family. I went back to the store and bought another cactus, a few pots, and a cactus fertilizer.

On the way back from the store I ran across two different cacti and remembered an article I had read about propagating cactus pads. Removing a cactus pad from the main plant is fairly easy. However, I recommend you use gloves and tongs to avoid getting pricked. You should be able to twist off the pad but if not, you can remove it using a sterile knife. Once removed you must allow the cut to dry out completely before placing the pad in the soil.

Once the cactus pad is dry, prepare a pot with soil and a top layer of rocks. It is important that the pad forms a callous to prevent rotting. I laid my pads on top of the soil for about two weeks to make sure the callous was completely formed. I then planted the pads upright in the soil.

Since my last visit to the store, my cacti family has grown by four. I’ve also propagated more cactus pads. I am excited to continue growing my cacti family and to start growing a variety of other plants. If you’re curious about growing and caring for cacti, please feel free to reach out and ask me any questions.

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