Curly Hair Journey

jacquelin | 07.16.2017

This is me. Born with wild, free flowing, curly hair. As a child I liked that my hair at times looked like a lion’s mane. I loved getting home from school with all my baby hairs sticking up like static from the tight pony tail my mom had brushed my hair into earlier that morning. My moms reaction was always the same “Porque anda tan despeinada, venga échele agua a esas greñas”. I had no problem with my wild hair at that age, I figured at the very least I was making some type of statement, later on I’d find out I was actually on to something.

I spent most of my Middle School and High School years rocking ultra crunchy gelled up curls. I used to wash my hair every single morning and apply massive amounts of gel to it. However, somewhere along the way I decided that curly hair was no longer in style and started straightening my hair constantly. As if that wasn’t enough damage, I added highlights, got an ombre, and dyed my hair as close to platinum blonde as possible. Now you can imagine how FRIED my hair got.

Most recently, I’ve decided to let my hair be natural. No more straightening. No more chemicals. I want to go back to that wild, free flowing hair I once had. Only this time I want to take care of it, and get it as healthy as can be. I started by getting rid of all of my hair products, and replaced them with natural ones aimed specifically for curly haired girls like me. Of the products I’ve tried, DevaCurl has been my favorite. They specialize in curly hair and releasing it’s natural beauty. All their products are 100% sulfate, silicone, and paraben-free. After further research I found that they offer a special haircut called DevaCut where they cut curl by curl at an angle getting rid of damaged hair, but without disrupting the natural curl pattern. According to their website this service is perfect for those who want to embrace their natural texture and learn the fundamentals of daily curl care. There are DevaCut certified hair stylists in many hair salons, but DevaCurl has three of their own flagship Devachan Salons in New York that exclusively use their products.

Since my husband and I were already going on a roadtrip to New York for my brother in law’s graduation, I took advantage and booked an appointment at the Devachan’s Soho location. In order to find the best stylist for me, I did some research on instagram, found Nevila’s work, and booked with her. The booking process was fairly easy and was done completely online.

I arrived to my appointment 15 minutes early with my hair in its natural state, which means absolutely no product. I was greeted with a glass of water and a silk robe. A few minutes later Nevila came to get me. We had a brief conversation about my hair routine and what my curly hair goals were. I showed Nevila pictures of curls I loved, and told her I wanted a round cut with lots of short and long layers. The hair is cut dry, due to the fact that the spring factor found in naturally curly hair changes and falls differently when it is cut dry. As soon as Nevila was done with the haircut the results were immediately visible. All of my curls had a significantly healthier bounce! The spring factor in my curls was in full effect.

Next, Belen, Nevila’s assistant, took me to the back to wash my hair and apply product. In the process she showed me the proper way to wash and style my hair. At this point I was already blown away at how beautiful my curls had become just from getting the proper cut and care. After scrunching out the excessive water in my hair with a microfiber towel, we began the drying process. First Belen used devaclips to clip my roots for added volume and then she placed me under the diffuser. I felt very well informed by both Nevila and Belen.

The results of my DevaCurl Transformation were amazing, I recommend this service to all curly haired girls. I finally feel like I’m giving my hair what it deserves and have found a new appreciation for my curls. If you’re curious about natural curly hair like I was, please feel free to reach out and ask me any questions.

Now I’m ready to make a statement!

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