Cupcake Tour of NYC

jacquelin | 05.28.2016

As a New Yorker it’s so easy to get wrapped up in your every day routine: wake up, commute, work, commute, home, sleep. We often forget that we live in one of the greatest cities in the world. I love New York because after traveling to a wide array of countries, I recognize that New York has hidden little pockets that reflect many cities around the world. If you were to explore all of New York’s five boroughs you’ll have a pretty good idea of what the rest of the world looks like.


When my husband and I first moved to New York we’d buy a Groupon every weekend to help us explore the city. I now realized that I needed to break out of my daily routine and continue exploring this amazing city. So I went on Groupon and purchased a “Cupcake Tour of New York City” for two.


The tour consisted of 6 unique tasting stops all in Greenwich Village. We also visited historic landmarks and attractions such as Washington Square Park, Chumley’s Speakeasy, Cherry Lane Theater, and the building featured in the “Friends” Tv Sitcom.

cupcake_web_17 Just in case you’re having a hard time reading the sign below, yes it does read “$105 for 40 macarons,” this is Manhattan after all. cupcake_web_22

The tour was very enjoyable full of delicious sweets and interesting historic facts. It was nice to learn more about our city and meet new people.


Don’t let yourself be consumed by your daily routine. Make sure you take time out for yourself and to appreciate the things around you. There’s always something worth exploring even in your own backyard.

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